BlueBin Certification Program

Become a Certified BlueBelt and Master the BlueBin System

Earn Your BlueBelt!

BlueBin BlueBelt badge

The BlueBin Certification Program trains and certifies individuals to become BlueBelts – experts in maintaining and optimizing the BlueBin Kanban supply chain system. As a BlueBelt, you will gain invaluable skills in:

Building & Maintaining BlueBin Kanban Nodes

Master the setup and management of the core components of the BlueBin system.

Managing Kanban PAR Levels, Adds/Removals, & Quality Control

Optimize inventory levels and ensure proper functioning of the kanban system.

Conducting Gemba Audits to Enforce Standards

Perform observations on the floor to drive adherence to processes.

Leading Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Champion kaizen events and projects to constantly improve operations.

Training Staff on BlueBin Processes

Educate team members on proper BlueBin procedures and workflows.

Analyzing Data Dashboards & Metrics

Utilize reports and KPIs to identify issues and opportunities for improvement.

The comprehensive 6-8 week full-time training covers lean principles, standard work, visual management, and mastery of BlueBin’s technology and workflows. Certified BlueBelts ensure their organization maximizes the benefits of the BlueBin system.

Benefits of BlueBelt Certification

BlueBin’s kanban system is the most efficient, reliable way to deliver medical supplies.

In-depth lean manufacturing & Kanban expertise

Become an expert in lean principles, visual management, kanban systems, and optimizing workflows – gain skills to reduce waste and improve processes.

Ability to optimize inventory & reduce waste

Master processes to adjust kanban levels, improve inventory turnover, and eliminate non-value added steps, driving significant cost savings.

Skills to drive accountability & process adherence

Learn to conduct audits, enforce standards, and promote a culture of responsibility across your team/organization.

Knowledge to train & lead continuous improvement

Develop capabilities to educate staff on processes and lead kaizen initiatives to constantly improve systems.

Digital certificate for your LinkedIn profile verifying your credentials

Showcase your BlueBelt certification on your LinkedIn profile and provide third-party verification of your supply chain qualifications.

Opportunity for career growth managing supply chain solutions

Gain expertise in an in-demand field, opening doors for career advancement in operations and supply chain roles.

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