• Right Supplies, Right Time

    Our mission is to dramatically improve the healthcare supply chain process, ensuring that clinicians have the right supplies at the right time while maximizing efficiency.

Elevate Your ERP

Introducing the All-New BlueQ & SmartScan Application!

Supply Ordering, Receiving, Operations Management, and Rapid-Fire Analytics at your fingertips.

BlueQ Intelligence provides best-in-class supply chain and productivity management dashboards and reports for Kanban, traditional Par Carts, and other point-of-use replenishment systems.  The optional SmartScan application allows users to seamlessly scan Kanban and Par Cart supply orders into any ERP, receive any and all supplies, perform issues from inventory, cycle counts, route management, and much more…all while providing the real-time analytics, and singular daily management system you need to drive continuous supply chain improvement!

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