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Apart from our turn-key Kanban installation and BlueQ implementation services, BlueBin also offers consulting, training, and certification services for those clients that wish to implement a lean Kanban system themselves.

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Instead of a full BlueBin implementation team to do all the work for you, BlueBin consulting services will provide our BlueBelt training and certification program to your internal/designated engineers to ensure the program you build meets the standards of the proven BlueBin system.

Do it yourself, but don’t do it alone!

Guaranteed Performance


Of hospitals in the US are practicing lean healthcare processes


Dollars are saved annually in hospitals using the BlueBin system


Average fill-rate experienced by any hospital using the BlueBin kanban system


Increase in clinical satisfaction in any hospital using BlueBin

Operating the supply chain for a system as large at TJUH is a daunting and daily challenge. Our BlueBelts are the experts that make everything operate harmoniously

Juan Vintimilla

Director-Supply Chain Logistics, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

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Supply Chain Consulting

BlueBin’s kanban system is the most efficient, reliable way to deliver medical supplies.


Expert Training

BlueBin trainers, with years of on-site experience, will teach your team all the ins-and-outs of the BlueBin system, leaving you with the necessary tools to not only maintain the system, but to roll it out yourself. Your trainer will teach you everything about the BlueBin program but will also be a strong source of knowledge on lean methodologies and process improvement.

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BlueBelt Certification

Using our BlueBelt certification program, specifically designed to teach the proven standards of the BlueBin Kanban system, several of your staff members will learn all there is to know about lean pull systems and the proprietary processes BlueBin has developed to ensure your Kanban system operates with exceptional efficiency. BlueBelt certification requires a 90 day commitment from your designated staff. Upon completion, your designated engineer(s) will have gained the requisite knowledge to build, operate, and maintain your new Kanban program at the level of excellence BlueBin requires.


BlueQ Implementation

Although optional, it is highly recommended that your DIY Kanban program be managed by the best Kanban intelligence system on the market (BlueQ). For a very low monthly license fee, BlueQ will provide all of the dashboard and reports your newly certified BlueBelts will need to drive savings and efficiencies year-over-year!


General Consulting

While we strongly feel that the BlueBin program is the best way to optimize your supply chain, we also offer consulting services for those that simply wish to improve their current supply chain methods without transitioning to a new system. Our consultants are not only experts in the BlueBin program, but also in lean methodologies and continuous improvement. With only a short visit, we can help your team map your current process and find ways to improve.

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