BlueBin Results Overview

The benefits of the BlueBin system are immediate — and they grow as you extend the program throughout your organization. Work typically begins in medical and surgical supply areas and is fully translatable to all areas, such as dietary, lab, and office supplies.

Explore the different ways in which BlueBin’s products and services have produced exceptional results for our clients.

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  • Compartmentalized supply chain operations
  • Clinical staff heavily involved in supplies management activities
  • Push best guess distribution processes
  • Redundancies, rework, & shadow inventories
  • Basic tools & infrastructure
  • Basic/traditional performance measures


  • Visibility & control over all spend, in all areas
  • Disciplined processes:
    • Standard work
    • Accountability
    • Continuous improvement

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  • Compartmentalized supply chain operations
  • Clinical staff heavily involved in supplies management activities
  • Push best guess distribution processes
  • Redundancies, rework, & shadow inventories
  • Basic tools & infrastructure
  • Basic/traditional performance measures

At BlueBin, we believe that the transformation of the supply chain is an organizational effort. It stands on the belief that those who manage the supply chain are not just another service department, but rather partners in the patient care cycle.

The BlueBin Project Management team assists in this transformational effort by ensuring the hospital’s internal supply chain team has the processes, training, and tools it needs to be successful. BlueBin’s dedicated project team engages both supply chain management and clinical leadership, demonstrating not only how to install and operate the BlueBin program, but also how to work together every step of the way, fostering improved communication and cooperation.

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We believe that change should be “over communicated.” Our change management experts understand the realities that the hospital’s supply chain and clinical professionals face every day. We carefully craft our initial introductions, workshops, and training materials to ensure all questions are answered in a way that is never rushed or one-sided.



We ensure the physical space is ready for the new solution as well as the hospital’s ERP and item profiles. Our onsite supply chain experts assist in readying the hospital’s external supply partners to ensure they are also ready for the rigor the new BlueQ Daily Management System will insist upon.



We plan implementation programs that achieve immediate results. With deep experiences in every area of the hospital, we can easily begin the transformation in the most complex areas of the organization (if that is where the need exists). A detailed implementation plan is maintained by our onsite Program Managers. Every cross-functional step of the transformation is planned with detail and absolute accountability.


Using BlueQ Intelligence, we extract data from the hospital’s MMIS (ERP) to initially define all of the supplies the areas to be implemented have consumed. Not just the fast moving items that are currently managed by the materials department, but all of the other items managed (ordered directly) by the clinical department. We then search the department for physical products that do not show up in the data, as well as interview the clinical staff to ensure we are capturing all of their supply needs.



Our onsite program management team also hosts “mock-events” with the clinical staff to ensure we have captured all of their supply needs and built a physical model that best supports their clinical workflow/needs. Mock-events not only gather the critical feedback the program needs to start off successfully, it allows every end-user to have a “voice” in the construction of the program.



Engineering each forward supply location (node) to facilitate improved clinical workflow is a primary benefit of the program. 6S (workplace organization) events and working hand-in-hand with our clinical champions, ensures that the solution presented to the clinical department is engineered to best fit their specific needs.


Build & Implementation

We use tried and proven Kanban hardware components that last decades. Our unique build style is highly standardized yet customized to the physical challenges of the facility being transformed. Our build experts are held to the highest level of quality and never pose a disruption to the clinical area that is being installed.


Our onsite lean six-sigma engineers ensure the hospital’s supply chain team is fully prepared (trained) to not only operate the BlueBin system, but sustain the program in a way that continually engages and improves.
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BlueBelt Certification

As the program is being planned, installed and operated, our onsite engineers will be certifying 1-4 (depending on the size of the facility) supply chain technicians as BlueBelts. BlueBelts are the facility’s experts on the BlueBin system. They lead the daily huddles, work with the BlueQ system to adjust par levels, train and audit the standard work of the program, and much more. They are masters of the process that have been trained to manage the program and build the program as well as we can!



The value of the program is immediately recognized, although the highest value we place on the program is happy clinicians! Other points of value include:

  • 5-7% reduction in recurring medical supplies expense
  • 25% reduction in inventory holding
  • 40-50% improvement in overall supply chain management efficiency

It is through these (and other) proven process steps that we ensure the transformation proceeds without interruption or rework. A primary objective of the program (as with any major change initiative) is to ensure that everyone involved remains excited about the work, and engaged every step of the way!

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