BlueBin Revolutionizes Healthcare Supply Chain Management with BBID

BlueBin partners with Avatek to launch BBID, a new electronic Kanban system with RFID & voice tech, at AHRMM23, automating efficient supply chain processes.

Seattle, WA – Aug. 1, 2023 – BlueBin Inc. announces the release of BBID, its new electronic two-bin kanban solution, at the 2023 AHRMM annual convention in Orlando, Florida, on August 7th, 2023.

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Combining the leading Kanban replenishment expertise of BlueBin, with the supply chain automation expertise of Richard Philippe, the inventor of the RFID-enabled Two Bin system, BBID clearly marks the next generation of Healthcare Supply Chain Management.

The benefits of BBID are numerous. It reduces the need for frequent point-of-use visits, simplifies picking and put-away tasks, automates usage data capture, and even enables automatic reordering of empty bins. BBID further enhances efficiency by improving item identification accuracy with its verbal recognition item locator feature.

“This is an important advancement in the BlueBin Kanban and BlueQ processes,” said Charles Hodge, Co-Founder and President of BlueBin Inc. “We have been exploring ways to further automate our Kanban solution for a while, and now our partnership with Avatek has turned this vision into reality.”

“I have been thinking about ways to automate Kanban processes for many years but never found the right process and technology match,” said Philippe, Founder and CEO of Avatek and inventor of the internationally recognized Logi-D RFID-enabled two-bin system, “My recent engagement with BlueBin, as well as for the last few years involvement in the industrial supply chain, the evolution of the available technologies, as well as collaboration with technology scientists, has made this new solution possible; clearly a quantum leap in clinical supply chain automation.”

To experience the groundbreaking capabilities of BBID firsthand, visit BlueBin’s booth (#713) at the AHRMM23 conference held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, on August 7-8, 2023. 

About BlueBin Inc. – BlueBin’s mission is to dramatically improve healthcare – adding value to the supply chain process by ensuring clinicians have the right supplies at the right time, maximizing efficiency. BlueBin’s solution fuses cutting-edge technology with lean methodologies and principles, providing an operating system for managing all medical supplies in all areas of the hospital or healthcare environments.
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About Avatek, a subsidiary of GRP Inc. – Avatek develops supply chain automation solutions distributed through integration partners.
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