BlueQ Analytics

Healthcare supply chain analytics & inventory intelligence software

Systemwide Visibility

BlueQ Analytics & SmartScan fuse supply chain efficiency with absolute best-in-class performance metrics.

BlueQ Analytics provides the critical information you need to make impactful decisions, offering rapid-fire data analytics essential to gaining a competitive advantage. Robust actionable analytics help make your supply replenishment programs more efficient and reliable, regardless of the delivery method. Cutting-edge spend management reports help you protect the valuable resources your hospital needs to provide the highest quality of care.

BlueQ SmartScan provides the functionality that standard ERP handhelds are missing! For use with Kanban or traditional Par Cart processes, BlueQ SmartScan immediately improves the efficiency of the supply chain management process…we guarantee it!

Guaranteed Performance

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ERP compatibility with BlueQ Analytics & SmartScan

We replaced our PeopleSoft handhelds with BlueQ SmartScan. It has improved our order entry and receiving processes dramatically!

Ashley E. Wilson, MHSA

Executive Director, Supply Chain Services, - Children's National Hospital

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BlueQ Analytics & Inventory Intelligence

Packed with features to improve efficiency, reduce costs, & trim waste.


BlueQ Analytics

BlueQ Analytics provides complete visibility across your hospital or IDN, integrating multiple MMIS (ERP) systems if needed, so you can manage all supply chain activities, standards, and overall supply chain expenses. Ultimately, BlueQ is pulling together every transaction from the Kanban and RFID/Scanning systems to create one cohesive view of overall supply chain performance.

BlueQ SmartScan

BlueQ SmartScan application is designed to replace your aged and expensive ERP handhelds with a great deal of added functionality. With the ability to order and receive supplies, BlueQ SmartScan also offers Route Control functionality, warehouse management tools, and easily accesses the BlueQ Analytics suite from anywhere! BlueQ SmartScan is perfect for those organizations who are implementing a Kanban pull system (with or without our assistance), or those organizations who simply wish to give their traditional par replenishment systems a boost!



The BlueBin Daily Management System provides intuitive and user-friendly performance dashboards and reports to ensure long-term sustainability through data-driven decisions while continuously reducing medical-supply expenses. Daily checks and audits ensure uncompromising quality and promote long-term growth throughout your entire organization. BlueBin is not just a short term fix, its the long-term solution to your supply chain needs.

Easy to Manage

Easy to learn, easy to use. Universal standards—everyone works the same way, everyday, to eliminate variance and promote continuous improvement. Supply areas are neat, clean, and designed to complement workflow.


BlueBin’s kanban system gives you the ability to easily assess the status of any area and identify any issue at a glance. Clearly defined visual standards allow any employee to quickly learn and understand the system, and make replenishment a breeze.



BlueBin’s kanban does not rely on supplies kept in a central warehouse. Fill orders can be sent directly to the manufacturer or distributor with one quick scan of the bin. This enables the program to scale up or down without significant inventory holding costs.

Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

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